Graphic Design

Designs That Showcase Your Brand


Your brand is the way your customers perceive you. It is essential to have a plan to build the brand experience you want your customers to have. A good brand is methodically and strategically planned out. Branding will increase your recognition, set you apart from competitors, generate referrals, provides motivation to your staff, and be a representation of your business.


Logos are essential to building your brand. They are the most important facet of your business' visual identity. A good logo should be able to shrink down small, while not losing its readability or impact. It is how your customer will remember your business or recognize your brand. We design logos that are iconic and communicates your business's identity.


Print media adds a level of tangibility to your brand. When the content is presented and held at your customer's fingertips, a personal relationship is built. Whether it be as simple as a brochure, a leaflet or a flyer or as in-depth as a newsletter or a catalogue, Source Monkey helps you build print media to engage and build a personal connection with your customers.


A creative, attractive sign can help your business differentiate itself from the competition. Signage increases awareness and leads to more sales. Build your brand and advertise your promotions to onlookers through this cost-effective type of marketing.

Custom Artwork

Our art staff can create unique custom art from your ideas or sketches. Send us a written description, a rough sketch or an outline or your drawing at any stage your art is at, our team of artists will be able to finish it to your desired capacity.